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Corruption continues to cast shadow over Brazil

- 07 NOV 2016

A lengthy and far-reaching political crisis brought Brazil’s economy to a shuddering halt. New president Michel Temer faces an uphill task to arrest the slide.


Transition to a low-carbon economy brings investment risks and opportunities

Stephanie Maier - 04 NOV 2016

As global policymakers discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, investors should consider how so-called ‘transition risk’ impacts their portfolios, says Stephanie Maier.


Monetary policy and currency wars

Mary Nicola - 01 NOV 2016

The cocktail of weak growth, rising protectionist sentiment and experimental monetary policy is increasing the risk of competitive currency devaluations, argues Mary Nicola.


US Election: A defining moment for markets?

Michael Grady - 26 OCT 2016

With the political and economic ideologies of the Republican and Democratic candidates worlds apart, November’s US presidential election is the most significant in generations, argues Michael Grady.


Scarcity value: lack of bond supply further erodes ECB’s effectiveness

Orla Garvey - 21 OCT 2016

Despite the European Central Bank increasing its purchases of government bonds and broadening its QE programme into corporate credit, a lack of eligible assets could cause further market dislocations, argue Joubeen Hurren and Orla Garvey.


REIT move

Paul van de Vaart - 21 OCT 2016

The decoupling of REITS from financials in global equity indices could lead to increased demand for listed real estate securities, says Paul van de Vaart.


Climate change and real estate investment

Richard Levis - 19 OCT 2016

Against the backdrop of the recent historic Paris climate deal, this paper re-visits the topic of climate change and real estate.

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